Posted on: November 14, 2008 2:47 am
Edited on: November 14, 2008 2:49 am

Iowa's Bowl Outlook

Iowa could be going back to a January bowl. I surveyed various online sources to get a feel of where the Hawkeyes might land (if they win their final two). The Big 10 bowl selection order is 1) Rose, 2) Capital One, 3) Outback, 4) Alamo, 5) Champs Sports 6) Insight, 7) Motor City.

CBS -- Outback Bowl, Jan. 1, vs. South Carolina -- Outback Bowl, Jan. 1, vs. South Carolina

ESPN (Mark Schlabach) -- Outback Bowl, Jan. 1, vs. South Carolina

ESPN (Bruce Feldman) -- Champs Sports, Dec. 27, vs. Virginia Tech

Sports Illustrated -- Outback Bowl, Jan. 1, vs. South Carolina! -- Outback Bowl, Jan. 1, vs. South Carolina

MSNBC -- Insight Bowl, Dec. 31, vs. Nebraska

Tell me if I'm missing any major sports Web sites. USA Today is another I checked but I had no luck finding projections.

MSNBC and Feldman from ESPN are the odd ducks because they think the BCS bowls will take both Boise State and Utah. The others have Ohio State as a second team from the Big 10 in the BCS bowls. That moves everyone up a notch.

The Rose Bowl is locked into the champion, of course. Of the Big Ten's other bowls, the Capital One, Outback, Alamo and Champs Sports can select any eligible team except a team that has two fewer wins or two more losses than another eligible team, according to the Big 10 (an 8-4 team can move past a 9-3 team in the pecking order, but a 7-5 team can't push up the ladder for a better bowl over the 9-3 team).

The Insight and Motor City Bowls have no restrictions. They can take any Big 10 team that is bowl eligible with one exception. A 7-5 team won't stay home at the expense of a 6-6 team. But if they are both bowl-bound, the 6-6 team can move past the 7-5 team in the pecking order.

With that in mind, the remaining schedules and overall records of contending teams with two weeks left:

Penn State (9-1) -- Nov. 15 - INDIANA, Nov. 22 - MICHIGAN STATE

Michigan State (9-2) -- Nov. 15 - bye, Nov. 22 - @ Penn State

Ohio State (8-2) -- Nov. 15 - @ Illinois, Nov. 22 - MICHIGAN

Minnesota (7-3) -- Nov. 15 - @ Wisconsin, Nov. 22 - IOWA

Northwestern (7-3) -- Nov. 15 - @ Michigan, Nov. 22 - ILLINOIS

Iowa (6-4) -- Nov. 15 - PURDUE, Nov. 22 - @ Minnesota

Illinois (5-5) -- Nov. 15 - OHIO STATE, Nov. 22 - @ Northwestern

Wisconsin (5-5) -- Nov. 15 - MINNESOTA, Nov. 22 - CAL POLY

Got all of that?

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